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What is LEADER?

LEADER - it is one of the four EU Community Initiatives (other - INTERREG, URBAN, EQUAL), which encourages rural people and organizations to participate actively in the development processes of their community and local area.

LEADER title

The title ‘LEADER’ is a French acronym of ‘Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l'Économie Rurale‘ (in Lithuanian lg.,Links between Actions for the Development of Rural Economy).

Principal aim of LEADER Programme

The principal aim of LEADER Programme in the field of rural development is to stimulate the regional development, to improve the quality of rural life, to tackle social, economic and environmental problems together with rural development participants.

Principal goals of LEADER Programme

The principal goals of LEADER Programme: to join the efforts of local community, entrepreneurs and authorities towards a common aim; to mobilize the rural population; to encourage local initiatives; to promote territorial and international partnership.


LAG „Rietavo iniciatyvos“ 


General contacts:

LAG "Rietavo iniciatyvos"
Oginskių str. 8, LT-90311
Tel. +370 448 68202
E-mail: rietavoiniciatyvos@rietavovic.lt
Website: www.rietavovvg.lt

Contact persons:

LAG Chairman
Irena Bagdonienė

Tel. +370 448 68202
E-mail: rietavoiniciatyvos@rietavovic.lt

Project Manager
Laima Dockevičienė
Tel. +370 448 68104
E-mail: rietavoiniciatyvos@rietavovic.lt

Lina Montrimienė

Tel.: +370 656 77132
E-mail: administratore@rietavovvg.lt

Jūratė Rubienė

Tel.: +370 448 68202
E-mail: buhaltere@rietavovvg.lt